Switchcraft 9625 96 way bantam 12 x 25 way D patchbay and Tascam pinout cable looms

Created: 05 July 13: Review in progress

Patchbays with 25 way D (or Dee!) connectors fitted are becoming more common place these days as opposed to the customised hardwired versions. These offer a higher resale value as they can be resold as a stand alone unit without custom hardwired cables attached.

I purchased a Switchcraft 9625 patchbay on behalf of a client and took it apart to see the inside. From the factory, it has different normalling and signal grounding options but I was curious to investigate whether it could have the signal grounds bussed together and taken to a technical earth point. Luckily enough, this product lends itself for this purpose and I will show details soon.

My client looked at Switchcraft, Neutrik and Audio Accessories connectorised patchbays and he chose this one for various reasons, mainly to do with the options mentioned above and the potential durability of the bantam jacks fitted.

I will give my review of this soon along with some pictures plus examples of some of my 25 way D wiring with the standard Tascam pinout.

Meanwhile, here are a few temporary pictures.