Recording and video facilities, manufacturers and industrial projects.

Updated 06 Sept 2016: More recording studio projects added.

I've been involved in the Pro-Audio industry since 1980 when I first started at SSL. After leaving there in 1987 I started wiring recording studios, the first three being for Peter Gabriel, Steve Winwood and Hook End Manor. Luckily enough, all three were quite near by!

After these, work diversified to involve mobile recording rigs, video studios, customised console and other equipment wiring as well as industrial projects.

I guess the projects that I am most proud of are building an old Neve console from scratch (Shep Associates), constructing a custom SSL 5K console (a few years after leaving SSL), designing the wiring and building the first Focusrite (FAE) console frames and being responsible for and designing most of the studio installation wiring for an £8 million Brunei based SSL recording studio complex.

Most of the list is shown below as follows:

1: Recording studios

2: Live and recording mobile rigs

3: Video, Post Production, Broadcast and misc

4: Pro Audio Manufacturers, Associates and misc. audio projects

5: Industrial projects

Peter Gabriel, Bath, UK
Original SSL install (1987) in Peter's top floor Stone room via Harris Grant. Neotek console modifications in Production room via Al Smart and Sony OXF R3 writing room install wiring via White Mark.
Solid State Logic, West Oxon
Brunei based private studio complex involving an SSL 120 channel 9K, 2 x Axiom consoles and an Omnimix
Mutt Lange, Geneva
SSL 96 channel Axiom and 2 x Mackie D8B digital studio install near Geneva via Rod meluelm (ex Bryan Adams tech).
Enya, South Dublin
SSL Axiom and Axiom MT install and upgrades 1996 and '98 (both via SSL) plus studio rewire and room change in 2002.
Steve Winwood, West Oxon
SSL studio install 1987 via Howard Beck (ex Island Records tech) plus numerous updates including Nemesis foldback system
Sarm West, West London
Studio 4 SSL install via Jim Smith (ex SSL R+D)
Bryan Adams, West London
London project studio via Rod Meluelm (Tech)
UB40, Birmingham
DDA install and SSL studio upgrades (Mike Exeter, tech and Engineer).
Outside (Hook End Manor), Oxon,UK
Original SSL 4K install
Manfred Mann, East London
SSL 4k studio install via George Gilbert (Pro Serv Audio)
Matrix, London
Various SSL studio installs (Studridge Street and Maison Rouge) via Al Smart (Smart Research) and Pete Higgs  (Mode Engineering)
Metropolis, West London
Original SSL 4K and Neve installs via GAS (Greenwich Audio Systems)
Whitfield Street, London
(ex CBS) Original SSL and Neve installs
Hit Factory, London
SSL install wiring including remote patch via White Mark
Avex, London
Original SSL install via Technical Earth
Neve VR modifications and install (we got snowed in for 3 days!)
Kitsch, Belguim
Belgium SSL upgrade via Al Smart plus Neve VR studio rewire (we even worked on Christmas Day ... sad but true!)
Texas Band, Glasgow
SSL Glasgow studio for the band, Texas, via Pro Serv Audio (George Gilbert, ex-SSL)
Richard Burgess,
DDA studio install for Richard Burgess (drummer for Landscape and Producer) via Pro Serv Audio
Peer Music, London
Publishing company in house SSL 4K install
Fleece, Witney, Oxon
New studio install (I met of of my drum hero's, Stewart Copeland ... wow)
VM Records, Oxon, UK
New Soundcraft Sapphire studio install
Resident Studios, West London
 32 Channel SSL 6k console installation
Hidden Studios, South Wales
Project studio for Nick Smith. Edac to 25 way D rewire and sort out plus numerous keyboards and other wiring.
Trevor Jones
Mackie 1604 based music and film score mobile studio
Trevor Horn
DDA based mobile recording rig
Peter Gabriel
Touring drum sampling rig and foldback system via Al Smart
Mackie 8 Bus mobile recording rig and equipment supply
Soundfield Mackie 32 ch plus 24 ch add on 8 Bus mobile recording rig
Simply Red
Guitar switching system for tour via Technical Earth
Peter Gabriel
Mackie 1604 based mobile writing rig
David Bottril
Mackie 1604 based mobile recording rig
Channel 4 equipment video equipment racks via GAS
Scott Broadcast
Custom wiring for BBC OB trucks
Viewpoint Presentations
Video offline and recording studios
Chop 'em Out
Tape duplication wiring for 60 mastering machines
Shep Associates
Custom Neve console total rebuild for Great Linfold Manor (being an SSL kinda guy, I was so pleased to be do this!).
Focusrite (Rupert Neve)
Forte console centre section modules (some), test jigs and channel module modifications.
Focusrite Audio Engineering
Frame and rack wiring design and build for all consoles made. Also PP4 mic amps, centre section modules, in-house and module test jigs.
Oxford Digital (Sony)
Prototype console and rack wiring for first consoles (thanks to John East, ex SSL R+D and Final Test. Now designing bass and guitar pre-amps)
Solid State Logic
Custom 4 stereo bus 5K console for Modern Video Film plus 5K strip down and re-install in new location for Billancourt studio in France
Solid State Logic
5K Lucas Film remote patchbay (Quote from LF -'why can't all patchbays be built like this'). Also, various 9K remote patchbays for new SSL installs (Ridge Farm, Metropolis and Townhouse)
Solid State Logic (again!)
In house demo studio (PDA) install for first Axiom MT console. Various PDA machine room wiring updates plus test jigs for new SSL products.
Don Larking Audio
Various Soundtracs console installation wiring (such as Nenah Cherry, Paul Carrack, Mike and the Mechanics and Double Trouble)
Pro Serv Audio
Solid State Logic 4K console extensions such as Eden, the Kinks, Jacobs and Musicworks. All channel audio, power and ribbon wiring plus patchbays.
Quartz Acoustics
Creation mic amps, channels and controllers for Trevor Stride (ex SSL R+D)
Paintpot mic amps and Mastering Bricks console rack wiring for Crispin Herod-Taylor (ex SSL R+D)
Motionworks Cabling systems for Motionworks equipment
Smart Research
Early DI boxes and Compressor wiring for Al Smart
Various recording studios
SSL patchbay supply and wiring for Producer Mark Stent, Olympic, Townhouse and Hardstudios in Germany
TS Systems
Laser systems wiring for best before date labelling equipment. Customers include Fuji
Research Machines
Computer wiring loom retrofits
Epic Data
96 printer switcher boxes, 6 x RS 232 printer interface box plan and build for Royal Mail, various computer leads and RJ45 Cat wiring for new building with 55 outlets
ES Technology
Laser system wiring for component grading. Customers include Motorola
Automatic Audio
Wind tunnel sensing racks for Formula 1 racing teams
Bartington Instruments
Magnetic detection equipment and leads including MOD wiring.
Random Electronics
Prototype CPU controlled kettle PCB (thanks to Ken Steel, ex SSL R+D, guitarist and electronic designer)
Quartz Acoustics
Firework display cables (Trevor Stride again ... now mucking with explosive devices!). Bentley cars speaker test jigs (May 2010).